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This is the REDS Engines Off-Road "Quattro" Adjustable 4 Shoe Clutch Kit. This clutch provides a two hole adjustment with a "L" and "H" configuration, causing the spring load tension to change. The "L" setting provides smoother acceleration as it causes the clutch to engage at lower RPM. The "R" setting is better equipped for high traction tracks as it engages at higher RPM. One clutch to easily tune performance for either high or low traction conditions! Aluminum composite shoes and carbon based shoes are also included and pre-installed on the clutch. 

REDS Engines states this clutch system is compatible with Kyosho, JQ, Mugen, Agama, XRAY, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent and OFNA vehicles, with the use of the REDS Engines Standard Vented Clutch Bell, but will NOT work on the Losi systems. As a note, the flywheel is only 32mm in diameter, and the entire clutch systems weighs only 19 grams.

Optional REDS Clutch Bells:

  • MU0606R: 13T Vented
  • MU0601R: 14T Vented
  • MU0602R: 15T Vented
  • MU0603R: 16T Vented
  • MU0604R: 17T Vented
  • MU0605R: 18T Vented


  • (2) Aluminum 7075 shoes
  • (2) Carbon shoes
  • (4) 1.0 Springs
  • Flywheel collet
  • Flywheel system with locking top hat and nut
    Shoes Springs Result
    4x Carbon L Used on very loose tracks where little punch is needed
    2x Carbon 2x Alu L Good all around setup. Best compromise for punch and mileage
    4x Alu L Increased punch with slightly less mileage
    2x Carbon 2x Alu H Increased punch, good for jumps right out of turn, with average mileage.
    4x Alu H Very aggressive with great punch, engine will run hotter and shoe life will diminish

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