Mugen Seiki 4-Shoe Clutch System

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This is the Mugen Seiki 4-Shoe Clutch System. This clutch system utilizes a fourth clutch shoe over the previous 3-shoe system all 1/8 off-road vehicles used. Now you can take advantage of the extra adjustability and smoothness a 4-shoe clutch system provides.

Tip: 0.8 springs (all 4) are the best choice for buggy and 0.9 springs (all 4) are best for GT. You can also mix them up depending on the track conditions or engine output.

Replacement Parts:

  • E2705: Flywheel 4P
  • E2706: Al. Clutch Shoe 4P
  • E2707: Clutch Spring 4P φ0.8
  • E2708: Clutch Spring 4P φ0.9
  • E2709: Clutch Set 4P

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