HB RACING- HB Khaos Mounted Tire ( Wheel/1:8 Buggy)

HB Racing Tires

SKU: HB204281


HB Khaos tires are designed for loose dirt where the racing line is visible, clay, blue groove and damp tracks. They also work great on hard surfaces with a scattering of dust on top. Hundreds of wide rectangular lugs spaced around the carcass provide excellent forward traction and mud-slinging ability to keep the treads clear from dirt build-up. They’re mounted on Version 2 of the HB 1/8 Buggy Dish Wheels that are 20% lighter than the original version, and HB Racing black closed cell inserts are pre-installed. These mounted wheels and tires are sold in pairs.

New from HB Racing are these pre-mounted wheels and tires for 1:8 buggies. They’re available in 6 different tread patterns and the famous HB Pink Compound (SuperSoft), Red Compound (Soft) and White Compound (Medium) so racers can choose the right amount of traction for the track surface and ambient temperature. The tires are mounted on HB Racing V2 wheels in white or yellow, and HB Racing black closed cell inserts are standard equipment. Careful attention is focused on the mounting process for a strong and long-lasting glue seal. These are the easy way to bolt on a fresh set of tires, just open the package and you’re ready to go racing


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