HB RACING HB Gridlock V2 Mounted Tire ( Wheel/1:8 Buggy)

HB Racing Tires

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HB Gridlock V2 are versatile tires suited for outdoor tracks. The V2 design features staggered blocks for more lateral grip than the original Gridlock. New sidewall blocks help on bumpy tracks and make the Gridlock V2 easier to drive and not as edgy for the driver. The Gridlock V2 is a durable design with longer life than HB Megabite tires. They're mounted on Version 2 of the HB 1/8 Buggy Dish Wheels that are 20% lighter than the original version, and HB Racing black closed cell inserts are pre-installed. Careful attention is focused on the mounting process for a strong and long-lasting glue seal. Available in the HB Pink Compound (SuperSoft), Red Compound (Soft) and White Compound (Medium). These mounted wheels and tires are sold in pairs. 

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